Saturday, November 24, 2012

Abu Nawas & King Aaron

World smartest, cleverest and has millions ideas in his mind, he is Abu Nawas. Possibly everybody knows about this tale, due to the tale is funny but also very interesting among ancient folklore. I was reading the story since I was very young,  maybe when I was in elementary school. The story always caused my reflections run into my imagine and I began to fantasize. Here, I try to remember one of thousands Abu Nawaz's tales, I hope you guys lick one's lips to reading it.
Back to my point!
On one day, The King wanted to test Abu Nawaz's smartness, so he invited Abu Nawaz to the palace. ''You want me, your Majesty,'' greeted Abu Nawaz. ''Yes, you have cheated me three times and that's too much, I want you to leave the country, otherwise you will have to go to jail.'' said The King. ''If that is what you want, I will do what you said.'' said Abu Nawaz sadly. Then ''Remember from tomorrow you may not step on the ground of this country anymore.'' The King said seriously. After that Abu Nawas left The King's palace sadly.
The following morning the King ordered his two guards to go to Abu Nawaz's house. The guards were very surprised, they found Abu Nawaz still in his house, and he had not left the country yet. Instead leaving the country, Abu Nawaz was swimming in a small pool in front of his house. ''Hi, Abu Nawaz! Why haven't you left this country yet? The King ordered you not to step on the ground of this country anymore, didn't he?'' said the guards angrily. 
''Sure he did,'' answered Abu Nawz calmly. ''But look at me! Do I step on the ground of this country? No, I do not step on the ground. I am swimming on the water.'' continued Abu Nawaz. The guards were not able to argue with Abu Nawaz, so they left Abu Nawaz's house and went back to the palace. The guards reported what they had seen to The King. The King was curious in Abu Nawaz's excuse not to leave the country. Therefore The King ordered his guard to call Abu Nawaz to come to the palace.
Abu Nawaz came to the palace on stilts. The King wondered and said, ''Abu Nawaz, I will surely punish you because you haven't done what I have said, you have not left this country.'' The King continued ''And now, look at you, you walk on stilts like a child. Are you crazy?'' The King pretended to be furious. 
''I remember exactly what you said, your Majesty,'' Abu Nawz answered calmly. ''This morning I took a bath in the small pool in my house, so that I had not stepped on the ground, and since yesterday, I have been walking on this stilt. So you see, your Majesty, I do not step on the ground of this country.'' The King was not able to say anything.
The End

Stilts Walkers

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